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  • 1001 Ways to Make Good Money With Jewelry

    1. How to Clean Your Jewelry

    2. How To Hand Polish Jewelry

    3. How To Motor Polish Jewelry
    4. How To Know If It Is Real Silver?
    5. How To Know If It is Real Silver? 2
    6. How to Display Rings

    7. How to Display Neckpieces

    8. How To Display Bracelets

    9. Using Your Words Wisely
    10. Effective Jewelry Sales

    11. How To Live Love With Jewelry

    12. How to Untangle Chains

    13. Removing Ring Stuck on Finger

    14. How To Clean Glass Jewelry Showcases
    15. Selling To Mother and Daughter
    16. Selling to a Group
    17. Getting Past the Initial 'No'
    18. Selling Bracelets to Women

    19. Selling To A Crybaby
    20. Selling Rosaries and Saints

    21. Preventing Slave Bracelet Theft

    22. How To Sell To Suspicious People

    23. How To Be A Fashion Authority

    24. How To Sell Jewelry on the Telephone

    25. Giving Great Meaning To Jewelry

    26. Choosing the Perfect Gift

    27. How To Do A PowWow

    28. How To Sell Jewelry To Old People
    29. How To Work a Bar
    30. Advanced Jewelry Showcase Display

    31. Befriending Repeat Customers

    32. The Psychology of Jewelry Sales

    33. How To Put a Necklace on a Woman

    34. How To Put An Earring On an Ear

    35. How To Put A Ring On a Finger

    36. How to Put a Bracelet on a Wrist
    37. The Complete Jewelry Store

    38. How To Do an Arts and Crafts Show

    39. Remembering Everything For Your Show

    40. Dealing With the Weather
    41. Converting Post Earrings to Wire Clip
    42. The Love Factor In Jewelry
    43. Customer Retention Strategies
    44. How To Make A Sales Pitch
    45. How To Capture Leads
    46. How To Peddle Door To Door

    47. Jewelry Consignment Operations

    48. How To Have a Home Party Business

    49. How to Organize the Workplace Party

    50. Basic Concepts of Jewelry Display

    51. Basic Concepts of Jewelry Lighting

    52. Basic Concepts Jewelry Photography

    53. Basic Concepts Jewelry Organization

    54. Artisan Direct Catalog & Shopping Cart
    55. Lead-free Jewelry Laws
    56. Business License Basics
    57. Store Security Basics and Insurance
    58. Make On-Line Marketing Work for You
    59. Magnetic Campaign Strategies
    60. Facebook – How to Use It Effectively
    61. Facebook Advertising Your Gold Mine.
    62. Social Proof; How To Get Testimonials
    63. Thank You Notes & Birthday Reminder
    64. How To Get Customers and Keep Them
    65. How To E-Mail Correctly and Effectively
    66. Easy Beans! Use these SEO Checklists
    67. Customer Follow-up and Upselling
    68. Profitably Handling Customer Complaints
    69. Donating Jewelry To Get Free Publicity
    70. Jewelry Contests and Sweepstakes

    71. Twitter – How Does It Work for Jewelry?
    72. Pinterest Linked-In Social Media Strategy
    73. Customer Appreciation Tactics and Tips
    74. Jewelry Packaging Tips

    75. Jewelry Shipping Tips and Rate Lists
    76. Including Free Jewelry in the Package
    77. Processing the Order; Tips and Tactics
    78. Handling Your Inventory With Ease
    79. Whatever You Do, Avoid Ruining Brand
    80. Generating a Responsive E-Mailing List

    81. How To Sell To Trading Posts
    82. Regional Wholesale Trade Shows

    83. Special Promotion Tips
    84. Customer Service Tips
    How to Reach Us Tips
    86. Advertising Tips
    87. Preventing Water Damage To Jewelry

    88. What is Jewelry, Really?
    89. Fair Trade Fundraisers
    90. Ethical Fair Trade To The Rescue
    91. Handmade Artisan Owned Jewelry
    92. Psychology and Wordplay of Jewelry
    93. Jewelry Marketing Principles
    94. The Right Colors = $
    95. Passion for Fashion
    96. Fashion Scrapbooking
    97. Artisans in Fair Trade
    98. Fair Trade Ethical Dilemmas
    99. Reaching Out To Prospects and Customers

    100. Calling On Shops and Stores

    101. Recalling Ancient Jewelry Traditions
    102. Do Lucrative Balloon & Flower Festivals

    103. How to Never Lose Anything At a Show
    104. The Importance of Jewelry Selection
    105. Curing Procrastination
    106. Profitable Productivity
    107. Productivity Multiplication
    110. Simple Jewelry Repairs

    111. How to Touch and Not Touch the Jewelry

    112. What To Say and Not Say About Jewelry

    113. Don't Let Your Jewelry Get Stolen

    114. How to Not Get Burnt by Fraudsters

    115. How To Generate Valuable Referrals

    116. Promoting Contacts Prospects Customers

    117. How Attend Potential Customers

    118. How To Upsell Your Customers

    119. How To Transport Jewelry

    120. Don't Let Your Jewelry Get Scratched
    121. Making Money on Jewelry Repair
    122. How To Buy Scrap Gold and Silver

    123. How To Buy Grain Silver

    124. How To Buy Silver Mineral

    125. How To Buy A Silver Mine

    126. How To Grow Your Email List

    127. ...


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